Black Lives Matter and Antifa have now become synonymous with rioting and looting.

The mainstream media wants to claim that they're protesters and peaceful ones at that, but we know that's not true.

Well, there are some more protests, but they're actually legitimate protests this time. That's because they're not coming from Black Lives Matter or Antifa. And protesting in the city streets is one thing, but it's a whole other ball game when people are protesting outside of the Governor's own home.

Democrats have, once again, demonstrated how little they care for workers and businesses (and freedom) as they swiftly and carelessly declare lockdowns throughout blue states.

And because of that, Governor Gavin Newsom of California has experienced first-hand that there's not enough support nor patience for that kind of nonsense to happen again. People are sick and tired of anything resembling a lockdown, especially when he's not going to follow his own orders like the hypocrite that he is.

Right after the Democrat Governor declared a lockdown-like curfew from 10 PM to 5 AM in almost all of California, people from all over the Golden State gathered around his house in protest.

And that wasn't the only place for patriots to protest against unconstitutional orders. Multiple videos from San Clemente, Orange County, and many others show how little Californians are going to abide by curfews that nobody - but Democrats - want.

Hitting the powers that be right at their home feels different - and is different. Perhaps that'll work as a reality check!

There have been a number of people sharing the protests on Twitter and criticizing

"The police have blocked off the road in front of Gavin Newsom's house. The Trump caravan was huge, and they shut down the rest of the cars trying to drive through.

(I wrote Governor's mansion above, but I think this may have actually been his house)"

"We’re close to 10 min after CA’s new curfew and a group has gathered at Blackstone/Shaw in Fresno to protest it.

In all Purple Tier counties, all non-essential activity is not allowed from 10pm to 5am every day until Dec. 21. #COVID19"

I'll be interested to see what's going to happen next with this.

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