dnc attorney found dead

The people that try to take on the Clintons keep ending up dead. These are new stories that happened just a few days ago. Anti-Hillary researcher and DNC attorney found dead.

Pro-Bernie lawyer who served DNC Fraud Case Found Dead

The first is the attorney who filed the lawsuit against the DNC. Shawn Lucas is the attorney who served the DNC. He was also a Bernie Sanders supporter. Total, Sanders is the third death that is related to the DNC in the last month. With Lucas being a young man, this is makes it even stranger that he died without anyone knowing why. He was found dead on the floor of the bathroom by his girlfriend, according to Snopes. There is still an unknown cause of death just three days later.

Anti-Hillary Researcher Found Dead

Also a 54 year old Clinton reseracher was found dead. Victor Thorne a long time researcher and critic of Clinton was found dead. It was due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was an author of many books, including the Clinton Trilogy. It especially attacked their scandals, drug running out of Arkansas while Bill was governor and more. Check out the video for more information.


These mysterious deaths continue to pile up. A man in his 20s is killed and found dead by his girlfriend in their bathroom. No explanation, no one has any idea what happened. It seems at this point they are not even trying to cover things up. Just killing them and leaving them where they lay. It seems as if one of these deaths would have an explanation as to why it happens, but whenever someone who opposes the Clintons dies, nothing is done to explain things, they just wait for it to go away.

This keeps getting worse and worse. When you take these two where an Anti-Clinton researcher and DNC attorney found dead, it gets scarier and scarier. Like and share on Facebook to spread the word for these disasters.


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