In a move that no one in California is prepared for, the state is considering planned blackouts on high-wind days. This is a move to prevent wildfires from happening.

This plan was brought forth by PG&E Corp, the utility company who is bankrupt. They think it was probably windy weather that caused a transmission line to snap and cause the deadliest fire in state history.

Many California residents have opted to go with other power sources, including home battery system. The number of people using this for power is still small, but it's certainly growing. Governor Gavin Newsom has set aside $75 million in funds to help communities deal with the threat of damage from the wildfires.

More on the story from Bloomberg:

Six of the 10 most destructive wildfires in California history have come in the last 18 months, killing 123 people, and often shutting down large sections of the state’s electrical grid.

The wildfire season usually starts around June and runs through December, exacerbated by strong winds that race through the state and dry conditions that turn brush and plants into tinder.

PG&E has warned the city of Calistoga that it could cut service as many as 15 times this fire season, said Chris Canning, mayor of the Napa Valley town scarred by wildfires two years ago. But in an interview, the company’s vice president of electric operations, Aaron Johnson, said the number will depend on how extreme the weather is.

It's easy to see that California was rocked by wildfires, but self-imposed blackouts are going to cause another whole set of issues. How could they possibly think this is a good idea? In order to be considered a first-world country, a reliable electric power grid is essential. How are these people going to survive without charging their cell phones, watching television and having power for medical devices? This is going to be pure chaos.

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