Days like today remind me exactly why I voted for Donald Trump as our president! It's great to wake up and be greeted with one of these great President Trump videos.

He gave a stern warning for illegal immigrants in our country, no matter what their nationality is. If you are here illegally, Trump said, “Please do not make yourselves too comfortable, you will be leaving soon!”

Hasta lasagna, and don't get any on ya! We are slowly cleaning house and getting our border wall to help keep it clean!

Breitart reports: 

Trump commented as border officials are daily releasing thousands of immigrants apprehended at the border into the United States as part of the catch and release loopholes in U.S. immigration law.

The Department of Homeland Security revealed that about 9,000 border crossers and illegal immigrants have been released into the United States in just eight days.

But Trump argued that the immigrants released by border officials were only in the United States temporarily.

“All people that are illegally coming into the United States now will be removed from our Country at a later date as we build up our removal forces and as the laws are changed,” Trump tweeted, "Please do not make yourselves too comfortable, you will be leaving soon!"

He also raved about how well border officials are doing and commended their high apprehension rates.

“Border Patrol is apprehending record numbers of people at the Southern Border,” he continued, “The bad “hombres,” of which there are many, are being detained & will be sent home. Those which we release under the ridiculous Catch & Release loophole, are being registered and will be removed later!"

“The Democrats now realize that there is a National Emergency at the Border and that, if we work together, it can be immediately fixed,” Trump added, “We need Democrat votes and all will be well!”

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