The White House Press Secretary does it again. Sarah Sanders lays the smack down on White House reporter April Ryan Tuesday.

Ryan repeatedly shouted at Sanders and refused to let her get a word out. Ryan was fresh off of being mocked on Tuesday for spreading fake news. After Sanders explained why the White House has an issue with national anthem protests, Ryan refused to let Sanders get a word in.

After being interrupted and yelled at for a while, finally Sanders steps in and says, "I let you rudely interrupt me and your colleagues."

It kept going, though. Ryan continued to interrupt Sanders and not even let her give an answer.

Finally, Sanders laid it out for her: "April, I’ve addressed your question and I’m not going to continue to engage with you."

Watch - Sarah Sanders lays the smack down

How does Sarah Sanders continue to deal with this? It seems like every day she has to dispose some fool babbling nonsense. She doesn't waver and continues to do her job.

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