Starbucks pledged to hire 10,000 refugees and their stock is tanking. After Donald Trump signed the executive order to temporarily ban refugees from seven countries, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz decided to take action. This is when he pledged to hire the 10,000 refugees. Well now, Black Rifle Coffee takes on Starbucks. They are hiring 10,000 veterans!

Black Rifle Coffee Takes on Starbucks, hire 10000 veterans

Here is the announcement from the Black Rifle Coffee Instagram page:

"I started Black Rifle Coffee Company to provide a high-quality, roast-to-order, coffee to the pro 2A and veteran communities.  Between deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I was working to refine both my coffee roasting skills and my firearms skills," Hafer says about the company. "I have spent over a decade researching coffee, refining my roast profiles and (of course) drinking what I roast.  Black Rifle Coffee is quite literally the combination of my two favorite passions.  I take pride in the coffee we roast, the veterans we employ and the causes we support."

Black Rifle Coffee Takes on Starbucks

It will be so easy to turn the page on Starbucks. Black Rifle Coffee has made sure of that. They have seized the moment and made themselves THE alternative for Conservative coffee drinkers.

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