All of the hard working students out there are going to be sick. A black Muslim turns in a sick application to Stanford and gets accepted.

Stanford threw their traditional application process to the wayside. Instead they accepted someone who simply wrote #BLACKLIVESMATTER on his application 100 times.

This is completely absurd. Stanford said they love his passion and they were inspired by it. Can someone tell me how writing the slogan of a hate group over and over is inspiring? Can someone wake me up from this awful nightmare.

Black Muslim Application to Stanford

Stanford's reply, per the Daily Caller:

Congratulations! You have been admitted to Stanford’s class of 2021!

Everyone who reviewed your application was inspired by your passion, determination, accomplishments and heart. We acknowledge and celebrate all you have worked for with the good news this letter brings.

You are, quire simply, a fantastic match for Stanford. You will bring something original and extraordinary to our campus–a place where you can learn, grow and thrive.

At Stanford, you will join a diverse, joyful and welcoming campus community with a shared determination to make our world better. Indeed, Leland and Jane Stanford founded the university “to promote the public welfare by exercising influence on behalf of humanity and civilization.” That influence begins with an academic community committed to mastering the known and developing an intuitive capacity to imagining eh unknown.

Are you completely sick yet? Wait, there's more. Per

Ahmed has already been invited to the White House Iftar dinner and recognized as an Muslim-American change-maker under the Obama administration. In 2016, he interned and worked for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign after leading Martin O'Malley's youth presidential campaign. In November 2015, Ahmed gave a TedxTalk in Panama City, Panama, discussing the perils and impact of stereotypes as a young Muslim teen.

Ahmed said:

I was actually stunned when I opened the update and saw that I was admitted. I didn't think I would get admitted to Stanford at all, but it's quite refreshing to see that they view my unapologetic activism as an asset rather than a liability.

To me, to be Muslim is to be a BLM ally, and I honestly can't imagine it being any other way for me. Furthermore, it's critical to realize that one-fourth to one-third of the Muslim community in America are black ... and to separate justice for Muslims from justices for the black community is to erase the realities of the plurality of our community. As an ally of the black community though, it is my duty to speak up in regards to the injustice, and while this was not a form of activism as it was simply an answer in a college application, I wanted to make a statement.

Something tells me these same types of benefits are not available to white people. Please help us spread the word on what a disgrace Stanford is. Like and share this on Facebook.

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