Former FBI Director James Comey gets no love from either party these days. After repeatedly criticizing President Trump and launching a surprise investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails during the election, it's not hard to see why.

Brian Fallon, who was once the spokesperson for Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder, let Comey know that his support is not wanted.

The tweet Fallon was responding to was one where Comey was pushing Americans to vote Democrat in the 2018 election midterms.

Many people did not agree with Fallon's statement and took to Twitter to let him know.


As a former Clinton spokesperson, Fallon might have been bitter about Comey's perceived impact on her 2016 electoral chances.

Among the many factors Clinton cited for her loss, Comey's letter seemed to be the primary culprit for her.

“I think the analyses that have been done by a lot of independent folks like Nate Silver have basically said what I believe to be the case: That but for the letter he wrote on Oct. 28, I would have won,” Clinton said.

Is it a surprise at all that Comey bails on the Republican Party after President Trump fired him from his position as FBI Director? No.

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