Some people sit back and hope things get better. Not this guy. This angry dad takes action after finding out Muslim lessons were being forced on his son.

Canada has joined Team Politically Correct in a big way lately. This story just furthers that. They have opened their borders to unvetted migrants. Rapes and horror stories have skyrocketed in recent months, as a result of this.

Instead of taking action against these barbarians, Canadian teachers are justifying the culture and teachings of Sharia Law. While many sit back while the teachings of the Quran are forced down their children's throats, this dad has simply had enough. Instead of simply going to the school for a discussion, he brought the tools necessary to put on a demonstration that the panel members will not soon forget. Watch!

Typically, some of the bleeding heart liberals of Canada were angry. One woman told him to "stop being hateful." The angry dad stood his ground and threw the papers of the Quran back at her.


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