Each and every Democratic candidate is struggling heavily to stand out and stay in the spotlight, except for Joe Biden, but that's because he's always doing or saying something stupid. But the other candidates just aren't that different from one another so they all just blend in.

Biden has been holding onto the lead for the most part with the exception of Hillary Clinton who isn't even running. That shows you how bad the choices are for Democrat this year is, but now it looks like he's trying to bulk up his presidential resume by saying Obama needed him to fix all of the problems on Capitol Hill.

In an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin, Biden was asked if President Trump changed the way Democrats and Republicans speak to each other and whether they will be able to cooperate.

According to The Daily Wire,

“Donald Trump is the reason why you need someone who knows what they’re doing. Donald Trump,” Biden said. “Name me somebody who’s going to be able to stand on the world stage and immediately command the respect of everyone in the world. Our enemies as well as our adversaries — as well as our allies. I know all these people. This is the only reason why I’m running this time is because of my experience.”

“Well,” Martin said, “Barack Obama was able to do it, and he didn’t have very much experience at all.”

“No, that’s not true. Think about it. That’s not true. What happened was one of the reasons Barack Obama picked me as vice president is because he lacked the background in foreign policy — he’s a brilliant guy. He knew what he wanted to do. He knew how to get it done. But notice, every time we had a problem on Capitol Hill, who went up and got it fixed? Answer the question. Who went up and got it fixed? See you’re not, you know the truth,” Biden said with a smile.”

Biden did his best to make it not sound harsh, but that really is a diss to former President Obama. Maybe they're not really as close as the lead on to believe.

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