Many reports speculated that blacks and Hispanics would be Trump's demise. Well, Trump crushed expectations with blacks and Hispanics votes.

Trump Crushed Expectations with Blacks and Hispanics

CNN has compiled some exit data that shows statistics on how much better he did than expected. Clinton defeated Trump 65 to 29 with Hispanics. that's an improvement from Mitt Romney who was defeated by Obama 71 to 27.

Also, Trump did better among black voters. He lost 88 to 8. Romney lost the black vote to Obama 93 to 7. Also, there was a lower turnout among black voters. This shift may have resulted in Trump pulling out close wins in Pennsylvania and Michigan. These are states that many saw as out of reach for Trump just days ago.

Many believed that a Trump victory would be reliant on a massive turnout by white people. Interestingly, that was not the case. Romney outperformed Trump when it comes to the white vote. Trump got 58% of the white vote, compared to Romney's 59%.

Yet another area Trump was supposed to do poorly in showed progress. Voters 18 to 29 chose Obama over Romney 60 to 37. Trump lost it only 54 to 37. This is because Trump lost no ground, but the Democratic Party lost plenty of votes to Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

Trump Crushed Expectations with Blacks and Hispanics

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