The writing is on the wall, but the Democrats refuse to look at it. President Joe Biden has no chance of being re-elected in 2024. It's plain as day, clear as crystal.

Instead of building up a new candidate who moves the party forward, Democrats focus on being made at Donald Trump. Instead of getting fresh faces into the party, they keep trotting out nearly 80-year-old Joe Biden.

The number of polls coming in that reveal Joe Biden has no chance in 2024 are giving the Democrats no choice but to acknowledge it. Even CNN had to come face-to-face with the fact that Joe Biden's own party is overwhelmingly against him.

A CNN poll revealed that 75% of Democrats want someone else besides Joe Biden to run in 2024. Check out their reaction:

How could this possibly be a surprise to them? The economy is tanking and his only response is to blame everything on Russia. This mess was well underway before Russia invaded Ukraine.

So who will the Democrats turn to? Vice President Kamala Harris has pretty much been acknowledged as a non-starter. Bernie Sanders is even older than Joe Biden. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is the only name gaining any traction, despite what a debacle the supply chain has been during his run in the Biden cabinet.

It still remains a strong possibility they will trot Biden back out there for 2024. At least he has one guy on his side if that happens.

Maybe Chuck is angling for the role of VP, since the competition for that role should be thin.

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