Berkeley Protesters Can’t Even Explain What They Are Protesting – VIDEO

Even though “Free Speech Week” was cancelled, there were still loads of Berkeley protesters who couldn’t even explain what they were protesting.

“Free Speech Week” was scheduled to star Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon. The local social activists showed up and fought the festivities. Austen Fletcher, also referred to as YouTube personality Fleccas, was on the scene to figure out exactly what these outraged protesters were actually protesting. After interviewing them first hand, Fletcher determined that these protesters don’t even know what they are protesting. Most of them can’t even define their political positions.

Per Daily Caller:

The video opens with one hysterical female protester shouting, “You’re f***ing insulting my identity! How could you look me in the eye!? How could you do that!? How could you let that happen?! … I know you feel your racism! I know you feel your privilege!”

“Stop laughing at her!” yells another protester to someone who apparently couldn’t hold in a few laughs at the over-the-top accusations.

“This is a Neo-Nazi recruitment rally that you guys are protecting,” another female protester says to law enforcement. “They are openly trying to recruit fascists.”

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Watch the video for all of the details.

They really don’t stand for anything except for not letting people they disagree with speak. The only problem is they can’t define why disagree with them. These people are out of their mind.

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