On Thursday, former NFL star Burgess Owens went after the policies of left-wingers and Democrats. He did this while joining Sean Hannity. Owens completely trashed the "socialist, liberalist, Marxist" framing of the stance that the left puts up of blacks being victimized by whites.

Owens points out that increasing "misery" among blacks is a political strategy long used by Democrats and the far left.

83% of black teen males [are] not working, 77% of black men abandon their families; I mean, I go through the litany of failure, and it’s all because of a Democratic socialist agenda to make sure that misery is used as political strategy.

Going further, Owens points out that NFL players who push these anti-American views are extremely misled.

Let me tell you what the flag represents and what our country represents; it’ a place of hope, it’s a place of second chances, and we have these young men that are literally millionaires … with billions of dollars represented on that sideline, and they have no clue that we the people — they — are the solution, because they’ve been brought up in this socialist, liberal, Marxist environment in which they’re not given hope. …

The Democratic Party has failed the black community for decades. I’m sick and tired of us being portrayed as a hapless race, that white people did all these things to us, because we don’t know our history. So let’s man up, learn our history, find out that not only did we give a lot to this country, but we got a lot from this country. We’re the freest country in the history of mankind.

You've gotta see this video. Burgess Owens completely annihilates the left.


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