Saturday in DC people came out for the annual gay pride parade. Then the Battle of the Libs ensued Black Lives Matter stopped the gay pride parade in its tracks.

BLM came out chanting, "“Hey hey ho ho these racists cops have got to go!”

It seemed like a competition of both liberals groups trying to out lib one another. Who is the more downtrodden victim?

Instead of uniting together, libs want to see who can play the victim card the best. This makes it very hard for America to unite.

As usual, independent journalist Mike Cernovich was on the scene. He put in his two cents on Twitter, which was spot on as usual.

Getting in each other's way is nothing new for the left. Remember when Proposition 8 was voted down in California. The left tried to pin it on the conservatives and their inability to move forward with the times. It turned out that the majority of black voters are what kept Proposition 8 from passing. In the vote, 7 of 10 African American voters voted against Proposition 8, per the Washington Post.

The left can't even get on the same page. A simple gay pride parade turned into BLM vs gays. If nothing else, it did make for an entertaining gathering.


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