Antifa is back at it. This Antifa thug punches a reporter and then instantly regrets. How convenient that the boys in blue were there ready to take care of business.

It's ironic that Antifa is sure for anti-fascist when this group has taken fascism to a new level. This is just the latest example of these criminals spreading violence wherever they go.

Jack Posobiec of Rebel TV was reporting on Antifa, when one of those goons comes up on a bike and punches him. Then he instantly regrets it. What makes it worse is he gets arrested and is immediately put on Jack's twitter feed which is over 194k followers. Congratulations my friend, you just went viral!

Watch the video.

Antifa Thug Punches Jack Posobiec

In typical Antifa fashion he tries to lie, you can hear him asking "for what?" while the police officers is cuffing him.

One of his buddies was even there to lie, claiming that the reporter attacked and this was only self-defense.

You can see from the tweet below that this was all premeditated.

Another example of what Antifa is all about. These guys are criminals that are looking to do nothing but cause trouble and violence. Even Nancy Pelosi realizes it at this point.

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