Antifa is America's modern-day Nazis. They are extremely hateful and extremely violent. They claim to be anti-fascist, but they are the exact definition of what a fascist is. That's what being dumb will do you for though.

Now, imagine one of these idiots coming at you swinging a baton to really try and inflict some damage. What would you do?

Hopefully, you'd be able to hold your own like this young man in Portland.

After the Antifa member tried hitting the man with his baton, the man swung his arm once and sent him straight to the ground. His Antifa buddies ended up having to carry him away. Hopefully, he'll think twice before trying to assault someone with a weapon next time.

According to The Conservative Tribune,

In a short video posted to YouTube Saturday, a masked Antifa foot soldier is shown attacking one of the Patriot Prayer supporters with a baton.

Let’s just say the baton didn’t do the Antifa thug much good when it was ripped out of his hand. It did even less when the guy he attacked put a fist in his face, fast enough and hard enough to stretch him out on the street.

As gratifying as it might be to watch one of these leftist stormtroopers having to be carried off by his comrades, there’s something truly horrible happening in a country where an attack like this can come off and it gets little or extremely slanted coverage in the national media.

At NPR – home of exactly the kind of liberals who have no problem using their taxpayer-subsidized jobs to shade the truth for the American public – the coverage explicitly admitted that the Patriot Prayer group had a legal permit for its demonstration, yet failed to make clear how that put the “Antifa” thugs clearly in the wrong.

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