Over the last year the Black Lives Matter has risen in popularity. Then it was countered with All Lives Matter. This is a video about Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter. It's a must see video.

Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter

This shows a lot about each side of Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter.

First let's look at the white people reacting to Black Lives Matter. Some of the white people countered this by telling them that all lives matter. When pressed further, they revealed that this is nothing against black people at all, they just truly believe that all lives matter. It is just that no lives matter more than others and division is what is hurting this country.

Then the All Lives Matter sign was held in an area with primarily black people. This resulted in anger and hostility. Some of the black people who saw this sign became confrontational and forced the man holding the sign to retreat. Another man warned the sign holder that he needs to get rid of that sign for his own safety.

What does this say about these two movements? It seems that the Black Lives Matter movement greatly misunderstands the All Lives Matter movement. It is hard to dispute that with the evidence shown by this social experiment.

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Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter


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