Antifa and the other rioters in Portland, Oregon are starting to panic after they just learned of some news.

The federal agents that were sent to Portland to get protect the courthouse have been doing more than just that.

Independent journalist Tuck Woodstock, who is sympathetic to the rioters shared some information on Twitter.

I can't tell is Tuck is a guy or a girl, but they tweeted:

“They have monitored people before wading into crowds to make arrests -- sometimes waiting for hours until the gatherings have thinned.”

Feds “have conducted surveillance of protesters from upper floors of the... Courthouse, analyzed live nightly video footage and posted undercover agents among crowds to arrest people on allegations ranging from shining lasers at officers to breaking plywood protecting” doors

They're being targeted and they had no idea. I'm sure most of them still have no idea. But what they're doing is analyzing nightly video footage and eye witness accounts from undercover agents to charge these terrorists who are blinding officers with who are shining lasers at officers and causing damage to the courthouse.

What has rioters so concerned is that when they are arrested by federal officers they are now in the federal court system. They are no longer part of the local court system that has continued to drop criminal charges against rioters arrested by police.

Court records from a man arrested by federal officers reported by the Oregonlive have rioters concerned.

Oregon Live reported:

In the predawn hours of July 11, a Portland officer detained a man identified by the Federal Protective Service as having shined a green laser into the eyes of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in an “overlook position” on the seventh floor of the federal courthouse and later shining it at federal agents emerging from the courthouse.

The Portland officer brought the man, Edward William Carubis, to the federal courthouse that morning, according to Micah Coring, a Federal Protective Service agent.

Carubis, 24, is now accused of assault on a federal officer, one of at least a dozen people facing federal allegations stemming from the late-night and early morning protests outside the courthouse.

Now we have a little bit of some understanding as to what we actually saw when that video of two federal agents went and arrested an Antifa thug and took him away.

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