President Trump's Niece Releases Tell All Book...Her Body Language Tells Us It's All Lies (VIDEO)

The media and the Democrats are stopping at nothing in their effort to ensure that President Trump does not win reelection later this year.

One of the latest tactics that they seem to be employing is one of the oldest political tricks in the book...that is, having his family members attack him.

Mary Trump, the President’s niece and daughter of his deceased older brother, has written a book which is set to be released before the election. The book, titled Too Much And Never Enough, is supposed to be “tell-all” by the media.

Prior to the release of the book, Mary Trump did series of interviews, one of which was with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

During the interview, Mary claimed that her uncle has used all sorts of anti-Semitic slurs in addition to the “n-word” with regard to African Americans.

If you pay attention to her body language, she seems to clearly be lying.

Her eyes seem to dart around when she’s giving answers, and she always shrugs with her affirmative answers which suggests that she doesn't believe her response just to name a couple things.

Another serious issue is that Mary Trump portrays herself as someone who has intimate knowledge of the behavior of the President and his immediate family.

In general, it would make sense for a niece to be familiar with these types of details about her uncle. However, the President’s son, Donald Trump, Jr. said other than “one large family gathering, I don’t believe I’ve seen her in approximately 20 years,” and he doesn’t even remember seeing her at the recent gathering.

The Washington Post reported, “After the patriarch’s death, however, the descendants of Fred Jr. learned that they would receive only a portion of the amount they had expected. They took the extraordinary step of suing several other members of the Trump family in March 2000, alleging that Donald Trump and his siblings had persuaded Fred Sr. to change the will.”

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