While appearing on the Fox News show "Hannity," Obama supporter Jessica Tarlov, who is a liberal Fox News contributor, said, "Thank you Donald" for the work he has done with the economy.

Jesse Watters was appearing on the show along with Hannity and Tarlov. They were discussing Hollywood stars who have made their political views known and the conversation turned to President Trump.

Per Daily Caller:

“It’s the lowest disparity in terms of job percentage ever, and this came out in Bloomberg today, huge news in terms of when you break it down demographically, African Americans and others. This is great news,” Hannity said as Tarlov interrupted him.

She said, “It is great news, for the economy.”

“Go ahead and look into the camera and say, thank you, Donald,” Hannity responded.

“Thank you Donald, but thank you Barack more!” Tarlov continued.

“Ohh, Barack Obama, wait didn’t you say Trump would crash the economy?” Watters retorted.

Tarlov went on continue to defend Democrats throughout the segment as Watters and Hannity took turns throwing barbs.

Watch - Obama supporter thanks Trump for the economy

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