Jimmy Kimmel and his production team took to the streets of liberal California to tell people Christopher Columbus was recently confirmed to the Supreme Court. They believed it.

Monday Night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" featured the host announcing that his production team is taking it to the streets to see what the public think about the controversial confirmation of the new Supreme Court justice.

You're probably thinking Brett Kavanaugh, but no. Christopher Columbus, who if alive would be over 500 years, is the new justice they asked people about.

The segment is known as "Lie Witness News." During it, Kimmel said, “You know, I mentioned Columbus at the top of the show, and Columbus is, I think, of all the historical figures, George Washington, Lincoln. Columbus might be the third that we learned the most about in elementary school, so people should know who he is, right?”


“There’s a lot going on in the country, so we decided to combine two of the big things going on right now. We went out on the streets this afternoon and we asked people what they thought about Christopher Columbus being nominated to the Supreme Court,” Kimmel explained while introducing the segment.

In one video segment you can hear a young blonde woman being asked, “Do you agree with Congress’ controversial decision to confirm Donald Trump’s nominee, Christopher Columbus, to the Supreme Court?”

The woman came back with the bizarre answer, “Sometimes, you just like … it’s a hard question. It’s a hard case study. But, like, what are you going to do about it?”

Another young woman was approached by a producer who asked, “In your opinion, do you think that the fact that Columbus discovered America, it should keep him off the Supreme Court?”

She came back with, “I would say yes, but I don’t really understand why the reasoning would be.”

You can watch the rest of the ridiculousness below.

"Lie Witness News" on Jimmy Kimmel

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