WATCH: Florida Man's Endorsement of DeSantis Goes Viral - 'And I'm a Democrat'

While this Florida man's endorsement of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's re-election campaign won't be making any campaign videos, it may be one of the strongest endorsements of DeSantis yet.

The unnamed man in the video said he was a Democrat from Arcadia, Florida, and was going to be voting for DeSantis in November.

Unfortunately, the high amount of foul language in the video will keep many people from seeing it. Even with heavy editing, it would be virtually impossible to get this video to a PG-13 rating.

Check out this video. (And if you're at work make sure you turn the sound down)

“They’re s***ting about DeSantis, but that gas is here in Arcadia,” the man said while pointing to a tanker truck. “I don’t know about the rest’a y’all, but it’s here in Arcadia.”

“So y’all know who we voting for,” he added, as his buddy next to him laughed. “I don’t know an awful lot about the rest of you [distinguished ladies and gentlemen], but I’m voting for DeSantis.

“And I’m a Democrat,” he added.

“Y’all can call it what the f*** you want to call it,” he said before a woman warned him to watch his language.

“We got children out here,” she said.

“OK, I’m sorry, ma’am,” he replied.

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