At this point it's really easy to mock the left. It seriously is too easy at this point. Even "Family Guy" is getting in on the fun.

This thirty-second clip shows you exactly how ridiculous the social justice warriors on campus are. The sad thing is that there are things that are seriously happen that line up with what Family Guy is making fun of. At what point do we draw the line? For the left, the answer seems to be that they never draw the line.

Watch the video.

Family Guy Trolls Campus Social Justice Warriors

Steven Crowder had an awesome take on it. Check it out:

What a little weenie. How many posts have you read that were as ridiculous as what “Family Guy” is mocking, though 100% real? The internet is the bathroom wall of society. Where outrage is as rampant as “Call me for a good time.” Where “good time” likely means rape. Either real rape, or rape accusal. Don’t take social cues or suggestions from bathroom walls. Or internet posts from people who were rabies-infected raccoons in their past lives. Just avoid internet roaches who ALL CAPS EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME EVER!!!! It’s a giant clue to some little trundle beast who wasn’t loved by its mother.

You know when comedy starts going after the left, they are not in a good spot.

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