People are getting pretty impatient with the coronavirus and even more so now that many cities and states are putting in place a mandatory mask-wearing order.

I understand that some people think that wearing a mask if you're healthy is dumb. At the same time, I understand those who say we should be wearing one.

Costco has been ahead of this order though as they haven't been allowing shoppers in the store without a mask on.

Regardless of how you personally feel about it, I think we can all enjoy it when someone throws a complete tantrum over being asked to wear one and reacts in a childish way.

If you've been to Costco or live near one, you probably already know that they have put in place a policy that everyone must wear a mask inside the building, including customers.

This is perfectly reasonable to me the way that I see it because it is their business. It's no different than demanding somewhere wear a shirt if they want to shop at their store. Someone may not like it, but it's a private business nonetheless and if they decide they want people to wear masks, then they have to wear masks.

If they don't like it, then they have to go somewhere else and shop. If too many people don't like it and stop shopping there, the business will lose money and may change their mind. That's capitalism.

Well, recently one woman threw a fit after she was instructed to wear a mask at an Oregon Costco...launching an impromptu sit-in protest at the retail warehouse after being told she must wear a protective mask.

The woman has since been dubbed “Costco Karen.” The name Karen has been adopted in recent months as a negative nickname for middle-aged white women who demand to speak to a store manager or throw histrionic fits in reaction to minor slights.

In video footage that has quickly spread on Twitter, the woman is seen with her mask dangling from one ear in the Hillsboro, Oregon, store before a grocery worker politely asks her to wear the mask in the proper manner.
After the woman initially claims that she has a medical condition, she eventually admits that she was lying before stating: “I am a United States citizen!”

In the video, the worker tells the woman: “You just have to tell me that you have one [medical condition]. Well then, you have to wear it. You have to wear your mask in public. This is private property.”

The shopper then angrily replies: “No, I am not a member of Costco!”

The worker then asks if she would like that taken care of before reiterating that the shopper must put on her mask.

“I will not,” Costco Karen declared.

“Well then, come back another time,” the worker responded. “That’s our policy.”

Take a look at the videos, it's amazing.


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