Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio did catastrophic things to the nursing homes in the state during the height of the coronavirus outbreak in the state.

But it looks like Gov. Cuomo didn't learn anything from the fiasco because he's conjured up a new idea that is just as deadly.

The difference this time though is that he's trying to do this with elderly prison inmates. Gov. Cuomo had the option to release elderly inmates. There is no reason to release them. Better or worse, they've earned their place in prison, but that's just my opinion.

Gov. Cuomo created an inmate nursing home to house the elder inmates together in a facility that is less than two hours away from the Canadian border.

The decision nearly slipped by unnoticed if not for a whistleblower at the Intersecpt who describes the location as 'tucked away in the mountainous north country' of New York. The facility previously held incarcerated teens between the ages of 16 to 17-years-old, set to be prosecuted as adults. The Intercept writer discovered that as of May, the young adults have been moved out to make room for the state's elderly prisoners as some warped makeshift 'nursing home prison'.

The Intercept reported,

"In the last month, 96 elderly male prisoners have been transferred to the isolated Adirondack prison. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the plan as a way to ensure safety for aging incarcerated people, who are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 complications. The northerly New York region has seen some of the lowest coronavirus rates in the state. But, as of Wednesday morning, at least one person incarcerated at the prison had already tested positive for the coronavirus, local news reported."

Some 6,000 or more nursing home patients died in New York from the novel coronavirus and complications. While the Governor's idea that North Country has seen significantly less COVID cases, transferring potentially positive patients from other state-run facilities is extremely reckless. Especially if these inmates are not tested and confirmed to be clear before transferring them. Since one inmate has already reportedly tested positive- I doubt that's happening.

“If one man is COVID-positive, this could transfer their plan from a prison nursing home to a death camp,” said Jose Saldana, director of the Release Aging People in Prison Campaign, who served 38 years in prison himself. Saldana spoke on Monday evening alongside local activists at a small social-distanced press conference in front of the entrance to Adirondack Correctional Facility, which is hidden behind thick bushes. “Our communities need these elders. I’m one of them.”

I don't put it past Gov. Cuomo to do something dirty once again to try and get some more money from the federal government now that the next stimulus bill is in the works.

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