During a city government meeting in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, things went haywire as one of the commissioners got angry and called out another commissioner for not following the rules of the committee as well as yelling at the mayor for letting the power be cut off to individuals right now who are hurting over the coronavirus outbreak.

"Are you telling me that you're going to keep me from talking right now?" asked commissioner Omari Hardy who was very upset about the way things were going.

"You're calling me disrespectful because I've interrupted people, but this gentleman has turned off peoples' lights in the middle of a global health pandemic. That's what that gentleman did," Hardy said.

At this point, the mayor tried to put an end to the chaos and even end the meeting, but it was too late. Hardy even told her that she couldn't do that.

"This gentleman has had the ability to do any number of things. We could have banned large gatherings, we could have closed the beach. We could have put a moratorium on utility shut-offs."

According to The Washington Post,

Omari Hardy couldn’t sleep the night after he made an impassioned speech at a city council meeting in Lake Worth Beach, Fla. A video of the meeting had not yet gone viral — it has since been viewed millions of times — but it kept Hardy up all night.

“I didn’t know how to feel about it,” Hardy said. “I felt I said what needed to be said, but I wish I didn’t have to yell it. I don’t regret the words, but I regret the circumstances that led to what was a very disagreeable situation.”

The emotional meeting on March 19 is an example of the tug-of-war happening nationwide as politicians at all levels try to figure out the best ways to deal with the threats to health and the economy caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Palm Beach County has the third-highest number of reported cases in the state, with 22, although none are in the city of Lake Worth Beach.

"This is a banana republic is what you're turning this place into with your so-called leadership," Hardy said, as Triolo stormed out of the room.

Triolo then turned around to taunt Hardy as he continued yelling.

Washington Post | Fox News

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