Chris Wallace has progressively been getting worse at his job over the last few years.

Some days he's on point with his commentary, and some days he really makes you wonder what party he's a part of really.

Wallace has been a journalist since 1975 and has covered U.S. presidents going all the way back to Gerald Ford. He believes that the journalists of today are largely anti-Trump activists. He cited the meltdown at New York Times and the fiasco that ja[[emed with Senator Tom Cotton's recent op-ed.

Cotton's op-ed suggested that the military should be used to control the rioters. NYT originally published the op-ed but caved to liberal pressure and removed the article completely.

Fox News host, Howard Kurtz asks Wallace, “Is journalism becoming more intolerant?”

“You know, it feels like the inmates are running the asylum,” Wallace said. “You know, I've been critical sometimes of The Times and I think that their liberal tendency tends to bleed out onto their news coverage; some people have accused Fox of the same thing in terms of our tendencies. But I thought what happened in the last week at The Times was just extraordinary.”

Wallace explains the meltdown at the New York Times and the removal of Cotton's op-ed as the editors caving to pressure from liberals. Which led Kurts to his next point- the bias reporting and double standards held by the media Against Trump which goes all the way back to his candidacy:

"Now, my view is that this double standard, this new woke standard may have it roots in part in candidate Trump, that there were many journalists in this country who decided they would just toss out the old rule book of standards and fairness because they deemed Donald Trump to be such a threat to the country, they wanted to stop him from winning the White House, then they wanted to get him impeached, now they want to see him defeated in November."

Probably the most shocking statement that Wallace made came towards the end of the interview when he pointed out that people refer to him as "fair" and "honest".

“It used to be that fairness was what kept you from getting fired. That was the minimum requirement for a reporter is that you're fair. I think that it's gotten so polarized whether it's on cable news, whether it's in newspapers, that fairness is kind of unusual and that is a terribly sad reflection on our of business.”

It's a sad reality and hopefully that will change one day.

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