WATCH: CBS Reporter Witnesses Illegal Border Crossing on Accident, Gets Threatened

Last week CBS reporter David Begnaud got into a very dangerous encounter along the border with a human trafficker. He saw two migrants crossing the border illegally only a short distance from a border checkpoint. The two were crossing the Rio Grande in broad daylight.

Begnaud, who also happens to be the reporter who debunked the “crying girl” photograph, as part of a story to survey the land in Roma, Texas for a piece on a security fence there in the future. Begnaud and his producer crossed over the international bridge was actually in Mexico, with the camera crew left behind on the American side of it.

While in Mexico, Begnaud saw a smuggler getting two people across the border to America in a raft. Begnaud got his phone out and started filming the illegal action and was approached by someone who told him he was “not safe” and asked him to leave. This part was caught on film. The situation became so dangerous that Begnaud and the producer headed back to the border checkpoint.

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Per Daily Wire:

The illegal immigrants successfully made it to the American side and disappeared into the woods. As he crossed back to the Mexican side, the man guiding the raft gave the CBS team “the finger,” noted Begnaud.

The incident took place during a shift change at the checkpoint, the human traffickers routinely timing their crossings when they’re less likely to be spotted. Begnaud underscored in his report that this all went down “in broad daylight” and with little effort from the traffickers, who were able to simply walk right across the river.

“This is an example of why the Trump administration has been pushing for a border wall,” said Begnaud.

Begnaud tweeted out some of the footage and a summary of what took place, and then followed that up with a full report (below). “Today, on assignment in Mexico, producer Mark Hooper & I saw a ‘scout’ guide a smuggler across the Rio Grande, in a raft, to deliver 2 people to the U.S. who entered illegally right near a legal border crossing,” Begnaud wrote. “The scout threatened us.”​

Watch – CBS reporter catches illegal border crossing on video

Yet some people continue to question why the United States border needs a wall.

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