Senator Rand Paul goes on the offensive and calls out the double standard being carried by the media. Paul pointed out there is one person we know colluded with Russia: Hillary Clinton.

While on Fox News Tuesday, Paul spoke about the mainstream media's obsession with Vladimir Putin. He also pointed that the now year-long investigation by Robert Mueller into the Trump campaign has yet to produce any evidence that Trump was working with the Kremlin.

“The president sees the Mueller investigation. He sees all these accusations from partisan Democrats, Hillary Clinton, saying ‘Oh, he colluded with the Russians,” Rand Paul fired. “The only people who we actually know colluded with the Russians were Hillary Clinton who paid a British agent who paid Russians for information for the dossier.”

Watch - Rand Paul exposes who really colluded with Russia

Meanwhile the media continues to hang on Trump's every word and shout "Russia! Russia! Russia!" whether it makes sense or not.

Per Daily Caller:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says the only person whom he and others “actually know colluded with the Russians” is former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Rand was on Fox News Wednesday morning clarifying his stance on Russia’s election meddling and the intelligence community.

President Trump faced broad outrage over comments he made during the Helsinki, Finland, summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday. Trump was criticized for not being more forceful with the Russian leader and for not backing up U.S. intelligence findings of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Trump clarified his comments in a short statement at the White House on Tuesday.

When asked to explain the controversy, Rand said that the president thinks the Muller investigation is “tainted” by partisan Democrats that also colluded with Russia.

President Trump isn't the only person who has lost faith in the intelligence community. Remember the NASA spying and data collection scandal during the Obama administration? Rand does .

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