A woman from California managed to escape a perilous carjacking incident in Oakland, courtesy of her fast reflexes, as per local media reports.

While she was driving on Skyline Boulevard on July 21, around 8:30 a.m., she found herself following a white Dodge Charger. Suddenly, the Charger positioned itself in front of her vehicle, and two individuals disembarked from it, FOX 11 Los Angeles originally reported.

"They pulled in front of me, the guy jumped out, ran toward me with a gun…" the woman said to FOX 11 while maintaining her anonymity.

The victim's SUV dashcam video reveals the Charger maneuvering abruptly in front of her car, leaving minimal space between the alleged criminal's vehicle and a divider present on the road.

The suspect driver is captured in the footage dashing out from the Charger, gun aimed towards the victim's vehicle. Following this, a second suspect, donning a black ski mask, disembarks from the passenger side of the Charger, rushing towards the opposite side of the victim's car.

The victim expressed her belief to FOX 11 that she heard the suspect fire a gun three times. However, it seems he was merely banging on her car window.

The victim suspects that the passenger, possibly a woman, attempted to open the passenger door of her vehicle while concurrently, the driver suspect was banging on her window.

"I punched it, I went around their car, and I drove away as fast as I could trying to get some place safe," she said.

The dashcam video captures the victim swiftly maneuvering her vehicle between the suspect's car and the road divider, with the suspects trailing her downhill.

"I had the horn going, and I was driving fast and hard, and I wouldn't let them get up next to me," the victim said, describing the ordeal she described as "scary." "You've got to have a plan. You've got to be aware."

As informed to FOX 11 by the Oakland Police Department, they have identified a suspect, who could potentially be involved in other carjackings in the locality.

Between July 17 and 23, Oakland, situated just to the east of San Francisco across the bay, witnessed a total of nine carjackings, police reported. Oakland crime statistics reveal a rise in such incidents, with over 300 carjackings occurring this year to date, a significant increase compared to the same time span in both 2021 and 2022.

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