Just a day after winning the NBA championship, the Golden State Warriors are rumored to be skipping their White House visit. Back in 2011, Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas declined his meeting with President Obama. The reaction was very different. The leftist media went completely nuts over it.

Now that the Warriors seem poised to make the same move, the mainstream media will certainly take a different stance with regards to the move.

Warriors Rumored to Be Skipping White House Visit

Warriors Rumored to Be Skipping White House Visit, Obama, 2015

The Warriors opted to meet with Obama after their 2015 NBA Championship.

Per Heat Street:

Joe McDonald of ESPN wrote “Tim Thomas put himself above the team….When the president of the United States invites you and all your teammates to the White House to honor your Stanley Cup championship, you go and represent the team. On Monday, Thomas instead chose to represent himself.”

James Hardie from Bleacher Report wrote: “If Thomas was a real man, he would have gone to the Boston Bruins management and ownership, returned the money from his contract and quit the balance of it by retiring—so he could exercise his rights as a free citizen.”

Over at Sports Illustrated, Stu Hackel wrote, “[…]Tim Thomas decided to exploit a non-political event to expose his personal political views.”

It's fair to say that all athletes have the right to stand with or against their current president. What is the purpose of sending these professional athletes to meet with the president? Being the president is an executive role that has nothing to do with professional athletes.

At this point there seems to be a very quick and easy remedy to this problem. Let's completely kill the tradition altogether. There could be another benefit from this. It could help sports reporters and analysts from being so determined to push their political agenda during their reports. Most sports fans (especially conservatives) are sick and tired of politics being pushed during sports events. This is a move that would help get rid of that problem.

What do you think about ending the practice of sports champions going to the White House? Let us know in the comments on Facebook.


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