In a move obviously made by far leftists, the publicly funded "Drag Queen Story Hour" is in publicly funded school and libraries and targeting "young impressionable children." Why wouldn't there be a grown man dressed a woman reading a story to a 5 year-old? If the left has their way this is just the beginning.

It should come as no surprise that this started out in San Francisco. They are now expanding in a big way. A Canadian company is holding their own version of it. It is happening at a public library in Edmonton.

Take a look.

Drag Queen Story Hour

Per CBS News:

"It's OK to be different," Lourdes, a local drag queen, read from Todd Parr's picture book of the same name to the children assembled for the city's first-ever Over the Rainbow Storytime session. 

Kristopher Wells, the faculty director at the Institute of Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta, said he brought up the idea of holding Over the Rainbow Storytime to a responsive Edmonton Public Library executive. 

"What I've learned today is there's nothing better than a drag queen reading a story," Wells said.  

"I had tears in my eyes seeing the families stream in here and the excitement where people felt safe and at home," he said. 

"To see the rapt attention of these kids, the excitement, the happiness, the freedom to be themselves, to celebrate their families and reflect our community, this is what pride should be all about." 

I'd say there are many people out there who would disagree with Mr. Wells. There are many, MANY things out there that are better than a drag queen reading a story. When it comes to drag queens reading stories to young, impressionable children, that list gets even longer.

This is completely disgusting and needs to be shut down. Young children have enough things to be confused about, without having to see a woman dressed up as a man and reading them stories.

This is absolutely disgusting and needs to be shut down immediately.

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