Even though the practice is illegal, a Virginia imam is advocating female genital mutilation. Imam Shaker Elsayed of the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, located in Falls Church, VA, believes that it is morally virtuous to abuse women under the guise of religious purity codes.

During his sermon, Imam Elsayed told parishioners that by mutilating a little girl's genitals it can help prevenut "hypersexuality" in the future. He did admit that the extreme methods of mutilation just might need to be avoided, he lectured his parishioners on reaching out to Muslim gynecologists to get guidance on the illegal procedure.

He describes female genital mutilation as "the honorable thing to do." He even goes on to explain the many benefits of the disgusting practice. Imam Elsayed lectures:

[Cut] the tip of the sexually sensitive part of the girl so that she is not hypersexually active...in societies where circumcision of girls is completely prohibited, hypersexuality takes over the entire society and a woman is not satisfied with one person or two or three.

This sickening talk was posted on YouTube. Luckily, MEMRI noticed it. They are a watchdog group that monitors Islamist activity around the world.

Watch the video.

Virginia Imam Says Little Girls Can Tame Their Sexuality With Genital Mutilation

Sadly FGM is not uncommon in the least in the Islamic world. Per NPR:

“FGM is practiced throughout the world, with an estimated 200 million women and girls having undergone genital cutting as a coming-of-age ritual, typically under age 15.”

This disgusting practice is becoming increasingly common in the United States. Recently there have been three arrests of doctors in Michigan that were practicing FGM. This is no longer something that only happens in third-world countries.

The Daily Wire reported this in May:

The CDC states that the massive increase in the monstrous practice of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) is “wholly a result of rapid growth in the number of immigrants from FGM/C-practicing countries living in the United States.” Virtually all of the countries listed by the CDC were dominated by Muslims.

And that’s not even including Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation. The author of the 2016 study asserted that if Indonesia were included, the number of victims would increase by “several tens of thousands.” Recently-retired CDC researcher Howard Goldberg told The New York Post, “Indonesian figures became available after we wrote our paper, but it turns out that FGM was much more common in Indonesia than had been thought.”

This is something that should not be tolerated in any society. This is extreme cruelty against women. Abusing little girls is something that should not be accepted in any society.

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