Video Shows Porch Pirate Steals Package Right in Front of FedEX Driver

A brazen porch pirate in Ohio was caught on video stealing a package. The theft happened right in front of a FedEx driver who had just set the box down.

This occurred at Kyle Dorsch's home in northwest Columbus on June 3. Dorsch shared the video on social media, hoping to catch the thief.

"While we are home in the middle of the day – they didn't wait for the delivery driver to leave the porch, they swooped in real quick and went off," Dorsch told WSYX-TV.

The doorbell camera showed a FedEx driver placing a small package on the porch. As the driver knocked on the door, a hooded figure ran up and grabbed the package, startling the driver.

The thief fled, leaving the driver bewildered. When someone answered the door, the confused driver explained, "He just took your package. I sat it down and I heard a movement."

Dorsch said the stolen package contained an Apple Watch. These watches can cost over $399, according to Apple's website.

To prevent such thefts, police and experts suggest delivering packages to a secure drop-off location or using a locked drop box.

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