'Now it's $14.99': Burger King Customer Shocked by Receipt From Just Two Years Ago

Fast food prices are rising, and customers are getting fed up. Business Insider reports that people are feeling "price weary." They are eating out less as a result.

Social media, especially TikTok, is buzzing with complaints. People are shocked by high prices. One customer highlighted the disappearance of the McDonald's dollar menu. Others criticized Chipotle for shrinking portions.

A new TikTok video is gaining attention. User @quill_chaser highlighted Burger King's price hikes. In a clip from May 31, they show an old Burger King coupon. “Look at this. $8.99 coupon for Whopper for meal for two. May first 2022, and now it’s $14.99. That is a huge jump, in two years. Literally, two years.”

The video ends with a screenshot showing the new $14.99 price. It has over 113,000 views. Commenters are sharing their thoughts. “Burger King used to sell 2 chicken sandwiches for 4 bucks,” one said.

@quill_chaser When your husband finds old @Burger King coupons in his car… #inflation #fastfood #burgerking #mcdonalds #pricecheck #couponing #coupon #pricetag #pricegouging #whopper #price ♬ original sound - Ally B.

Another added, “as long as people keep buying at these prices nothing will go down in price.” A third mentioned, “I paid 14.09 today for a bacon king just one burger.”

“Yes, it’s ridiculous and I used to eat at Burger King all the time and now I can’t because the prices are just too high. Even with the coupons it’s still too much,” someone else remarked.

FinanceBuzz data shows Burger King has managed price increases better than McDonald’s. While McDonald’s prices have doubled since 2014, Burger King's have risen by 55%. However, the Whopper meal's price has jumped by 73%, from $5.79 in 2014 to $9.99 in 2024.

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