President Donald Trump is encouraging adoption, we couldn't be more thrilled! In my lifetime, I do not recall a president doing this. It doesn't mean it didn't happen, but I surely do not remember it.

President Donald Trump said in a speech for National Adoption Month on Wednesday, “Adoption is a blessing for all involved. It provides needed relief to birth parents, who may not, for whatever reason, be in a position to raise a child,” he added, “It fosters loving homes for children. It enables individuals to grow their families and share their love. And it fosters strong families, which are integral to ensuring strong communities and a resilient country.”

“Adoption affirms the inherent value of human life and signals that every child – born or unborn – is wanted and loved,” the president continued, “Children, regardless of race, sex, age, or disability, deserve a loving embrace into families they can call their own. This month, we honor the thousands of American families who have grown because of adoption.”

He is so right. Every child, born or unborn, is wanted! Just because the biological parent does not feel ready for a child does not mean that there are not others out there who do not want to love and care for that child.

Trump also pointed out that we need to “show women they are not alone in an unexpected pregnancy,” calling for people to help pregnant women who need it.

“We appeal to families, communities, and houses of worship across our great Nation to help these children find a permanent home,” he concluded, “I encourage all Americans to observe this month by helping children in need of a permanent home secure a more promising future with a forever family, so they may enter adulthood with the love and support we all deserve."

It's so refreshing to know we have a president who truly is pro-life.

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