Tim Allen had some inside information as to what type of relationship the Clintons have. If you weren't aware, Tim Allen is a rare breed. He is a Conservative in Hollywood. As you probably realize, he needs all of the support he can get. Watch this video and you will surely be a big fan of "The Tool Man." Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor Drops a Bomb on Hillary

Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor Drops a Bomb on Hillary

Tim Allen said:

“She doesn’t have a skill set for jokes. She’s just not … her husband, who I’ve met, and is actually kind of a neat guy, although he was eyeballing my wife the entire time we were talking … and he kept looking at me, but he kept doing (looks to side) ‘Heh, heh, how you doing?'”

Wow, unbelievable. Between the Hillary Clinton lies, scandals and Bill Clinton being a total scumbag, how are they getting votes? That's right. Registering dead people. There are absolutely zero boundaries when it comes to how far the left will push. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want.

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Tim The Tool Man Taylor Drops a Bomb on Hillary photo

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