On St. Patrick's Day some people were sloppy drunk in Boston. Big surprise, right? Well this thug is harassing drivers for no reason when he gets KNOCKED OUT.

This all started off when this idiot was hitting and kicking cars as they went by. For no reason. He was even threatening people with a cone. His buddies were instructing people to keep driving, doing their best to keep the peace.

Finally, not surprisingly, someone had enough. He pulled his car to an open spot and parked it. At that point he was ready to settle the score. Watch the video.

Thug is Harassing Drivers and Gets Crushed With Aluminum Bat

Wasn't that a beautiful sound? An aluminum bat up against an idiot thug who is harassing people who are simply driving by. Then he loses the car and the thugs are thinking they can get revenge. WRONG. Johnny Badass peels of and speeds into the night.

Hat tip: Freedom Daily

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