FBI Director James Comey testified on Thursday to the House Oversight Committee with regards to the recent investigation into the private email servers used by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Despite going through an array of violations Hillary made, he still suggested that Hillary not be prosecuted.

So while the questioning was going down, a member of the panel asked, “Did this private server make our nation’s secrets vulnerable to hostile actors?”

Comey's response, "Yes," was a simple and brief answer, but it confirmed that Hillary broke the law and placed the United States at risk to foreign enemies and rivals.

Trey Gowdy also grilled the FBI Director. He prodded Comey into repeating over and over the many lies that have been stated by Hillary over the past year.

So on top of the one word answer and revealing all of Hillary's lies to Gowdy, that wasn't all. According to Politico, Hillary is not "particularly sophisticated" when it comes to handling classified materials.

Some emails on the server contained a small C at the bottom, meaning classified. This was apparently removed from other emails once they were determined to contain classified information.

Hillary lied over and over and put the nation's security at risk time and time again. Is this really someone that should be president of the United States?

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