Kristin MacDonald, a teaching assistant for special needs students, was dismissed by School District 43 in British Columbia, Canada, upon learning that she operated an OnlyFans account under the alias "Ava James."

Despite the district's instruction to deactivate all accounts associated with this online persona, MacDonald chose not to comply, which resulted in her termination. She first learned about the district's stance via an email she received on April 28.

"I was advised to deactivate all Ava James social media platforms immediately, including [Instagram], TikTok and OnlyFans, or possibly be terminated," MacDonald said to Fox News. "I did not comply."

MacDonald is uncertain about how the school came across her account, though she has heard whispers of a student expressing dissatisfaction over an Ava James TikTok video, criticizing that she always appears in bikinis.

As per the district's regulations, they have "a collective agreement" that states "off-duty conduct should be 'appropriate'," a term MacDonald considers open to personal interpretation.

The school district, however, labelled her actions as "egregious," offering multiple justifications for her dismissal. These included the argument that her posts led to the sexualization of the school environment and accusations that she spoke negatively about the district in media interviews. Furthermore, she was alleged to have leveraged her side job to enhance her primary employment's profitability, thus exploiting the connection between her roles.

In an interview with CBC, MacDonald firmly stated her belief that "in our modern society, we should have the freedom to do as we please, provided it's not illegal." She asserted that her secondary job was "not causing harm to anyone."

She explained that her teaching assistant role, which only netted her $1,000 biweekly after deductions, compelled her to explore other income-generating avenues. She maintained that when she was at work, she was completely professional and had never been subject to any student complaints regarding her conduct.

However, she recently shared with Fox News Digital her concerns about the potentially problematic investigation methods the school might have used, which could be in violation of OnlyFans' policies.

"Since the investigation by the district into my off-duty conduct, they have confirmed that school district 43 subscribed to my Onlyfans account," MacDonald said.

MacDonald is keen to resolve the situation and regain her teaching assistant position, a role she expended considerable effort to secure initially. This entailed two years of college education to obtain her degree, a commitment that has left her with outstanding student loans she's still settling.

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