Say what you want about South Park, but they are fair when it comes to blasting the absurdity of the Left and the Right. While the vulgarity contained in their show is certainly not pro-conservative, it is nice to see something different than the nasty leftist propaganda we usually see on TV.

The South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, came forward and stated they are Republicans, of the Libertarian variety.

Norman Lear's organization presented a "freedom award" to the two. This was when the two "came out" as Republicans. The voting history of the two was corroborated by Conservative radio host Larry Elder.

"We're Republicans. No, seriously. We're Republicans."

Are these two trolling everyone? That's possible, but it's also very possible they are sincere. These two once wore dresses to the Oscars to troll Jennifer Lopez, so don't rule anything out.

Say what you want about South Park, but they continue to roast political correctness, identity politics and woke culture. Check them out.

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