Mike Rowe took to Facebook to share yet another powerful message on Facebook Tuesday. This video was about the "epidemic of fatherlessness."

Much like many of his other videos, it isn't politically correct, but his fans will absolutely love it.

Per Daily Caller:

“I was struck by her comment, and I remember wondering how many other Americans might share her view. At the time, I didn’t think many. But today, I’m convinced the number is significant. I’m also amazed at how quickly fatherhood has fallen out of favor. Can you imagine a celebrity–or anyone for that matter – saying such a thing just twenty years ago?”

“I know this is controversial, and I’m sorry to inject an uncomfortable element into a post about a ‘feel-good’ show, but I think it’s important to consider the possibility that this thing we like to call ‘an epidemic of bullying,’ is really an ‘epidemic of fatherlessness,'” he continued. “I also think it’s reasonable to conclude that our society is sending a message to men of all ages that is decidedly mixed.”

It's a shame that the left has pushed us to a place where it is going against the grain to build up the value of fathers. He did a great job of sharing statistics that show how many high school dropouts, rapists and suicide cases comes from homes that lacked a father.

Mike Rowe does a great job of giving his opinion on Facebook on issues that really hit home with so many people. After national tragedies his fans call for his reaction and he always delivers.

For instance, after the Parkland shooting, one of his fans called for his response. Rowe responded directly to the fan, Susan, and did a great job of summing up what so many of us are feeling. He responded directly to Susan. Check it out.

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