Recently the Poynter Institute's website put up a list of 515 websites “that spread false or misleading information.” Well, it was only up for a day or so. One of the resources used to build the list was Snopes.

You know, Snopes, the site that has fact-checked satirical sites such as the Babylon Bee. If you haven't checked out the Babylon Bee, you definitely need to do so. They publish satirical articles that make people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar look like complete fools and are close enough to being true that they make you wonder.

How sad is it that Snopes thinks they really have to fact-check this article? What does that say about AOC?

This time they rushed to the aid of Rep. Ilhan Omar. She has made a name for herself by saying outrageous things which are often anti-Semitic. Snopes has rushed to her aid and fat-checked the humor site Babylon Bee, making everyone involved look foolish.

Some people on Twitter had great responses to the Snopes fact-checking the satire site.

It's pretty funny that Snopes refers to their website as "The internet's definitive #factchecking resource." How hilarious is that?

Honestly what does it say for Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that someone needs to clear up whether or not they committed these insane acts?

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