During the 2016 campaign, not yet President Donald Trump made giving his opponents nicknames a big part of it. Everyone remembers "Little Marco," "Lyin' Ted Cruz" and "Low Energy Jeb Bush." Then of course there was "Crooked Hillary." With the 2020 campaign on the horizon will President Trump be dishing out nicknames like he did in 2016? Of course he will. He's back at it as he has given Joe Biden a new nickname. President Trump predicted that it's going to be "SleepyCreepy Joe over Crazy Bernie."


President Trump is right. Things can change quickly, but so far it looks like Biden is the front runner. Despite the enormous popularity of Bernie Sanders, most polls have Biden out in front substantially. Maybe someone from the Biden campaign will hand Bernie a check and he'll endorse him the same way he did for Hillary Clinton.

Previously President Trump's nickname for Joe Biden was "Sleepy Joe." The "Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden" nickname is obviously pointing toward the accusations and videos showing Biden using inappropriate touching. At the beginning of April President Trump tweeted a video that showed Biden creeping around himself.


Last week when Joe Biden was in South Carolina someone asked him if he has a nickname for President Trump. He fired back with, "You can just start with clown."

According to a Monmouth University poll in New Hampshire, Biden holds 36 percent of the support among Democrats, followed by Bernie Sanders with 18 percent. After those two no one is in double digits.

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