Singer Cher is no stranger to attacking the Trump and Conservatives since he became president. We recently thought she may be opening her eyes to the truth when she tweeted how bad of an idea it is to release illegal immigrants into our cities, but she set us straight again. Have no doubt about it, Cher is still as ridiculous as always.

This time the insults were directed at Donald Trump's family. She referred to them as the "let them eat cake" family and then stated that "not one of them" are "worth a damn."

Here is the distasteful tweet:

She also referred to Ivanka Trump as delusional, claiming that a "first family who commits treason together, stays together."

Breitbart reports:

That was not the first dig Cher perpetrated against one of Donald Trump’s children this week. Earlier this week, the Oscar-winning actress went on the attack against Ivanka Trump, again over China, and called her and the president the “first family who commits treason.”

But Cher angered many on the left, recently, by seeming to agree with conservatives who feel that America’s cities cannot sustain a constant influx of illegal aliens.

Last month Cher tweeted that Los Angeles can’t even take care of its own people, much less an avalanche of illegals. Cher said she could not understand how LA could afford to admit and take care of more illegals when city officials have failed to care for the homeless, for veterans, and poverty-stricken Americans already in their midst.

After the left attacked her for her stance that seemed more conservative (more like, showed common sense), Cher retorted, “Excuse the Fk Out Of Me If I don’t want Murders, Rapists, &; CHILD MOLESTERS of every color to vote.”

Write it down folks, perhaps the only time in history we will ever agree with Cher.

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