Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has been slamming Democrats left and right. Yesterday I wrote about how he ranted on the real reason Hillary Clinton still isn't in prison. Then today, I see he is in the headlines again! This time he is setting the record straight on Trump and Mexico.

On Tuesday, Graham appeared on Fox New's "Fox News @ Night" and explained exactly why is is not posed to the tariffs on Mexico that Trump has been threatening to implement.

He argued that anger towards Trump is misguided because Mexico's LACK of control at their southern border is one of the biggest contributors to our immigration problems.

Graham claims that Trump is not actually the problem here, but that Mexico is.

“Tariffs would be tough on the economy,” the senator said. “But the borders are broken that needs to be fixed. And if tariffs is what it takes to get Mexico to do better on their side of the border, I’m all for tariffs. Trump is not the problem. Mexico is the problem. Republicans are not the problem. Democrats won’t vote to change the laws. Now, why do we have a million people coming here from Central America? They know that if you read a card claiming asylum, you’re entitled to a hearing. It takes three or four years to get a hearing. We don’t have enough bed space so we’d let you go.”

“So all you got to do is claim asylum,” Graham continued. “I’ve got a bill that says you have to claim asylum in your home country of Mexico. No longer can you claim asylum here. We ship you back if you try to claim asylum on our soil. If you bring a small child with you, we can’t send that child back. We’re going to change that law, 90 percent of this will stop. But Mexico provides buses to these people. Mexico is doing better. But I’m not blaming President Trump here. I’m blaming the Congress because we can’t do our job. And I’m blaming Mexico.”

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