Congresswoman Ilhan Omar started making demands on Thursday, in the midsts of the impeachment inquiry going on between the House and the Senate. She said that President Trump “must step down.”

“GAO says Trump violated the law,” Omar preached, “A Trump associate said Trump ‘knew exactly what was going on.’ Ukraine is investigating whether he surveilled his own Ambassador. Any other president would have resigned by now,” Omar continued.

“Donald Trump and all who have been implicated must step down,” she added.

Funny, isn’t it? The fact that some of the most corrupt people in Washington D.C. are demanding for a president who hasn’t broken a single law to step down. It’s because he is the only thing stopping them from running rampant.

After Omar threw in her two cents, the rest of the “Squad” rallied behind her in agreement.

“History happening right now. Articles of Impeachment being delivered to the U.S. Senate,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib tweeted, “Donald John Trump will be a forever impeached President.”

“This is what silver spoon kids that are never held accountable for anything sound like,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chimed in, “AKA very strong ‘Mom, yell at my teacher to bump my grade up’ energy.”

“These are not the President’s only impeachable offenses. He obstructed justice when he fired the FBI Director responsible for overseeing the investigation into his relationship with Russia,” she said back in December.

“He has repeatedly violated the Emoluments Clause by retaining ownership and promoting his businesses while in office. He has abused his pardon power. He has pressured the Department of Justice to investigate political opponents,” she continued.

“But just as Al Capone was sentenced to prison for only one of his violations, we can and must impeach the President on this violation alone,” she concluded.

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