The costumes aren't the only things scary this Halloween. Much like everything else in the Biden economy, Halloween candy is facing record inflation when compared to last year's prices.

Candy and chewing gum prices are up 13.1% since last year, which the largest ever recorded. So if you thought the candy prices were sky high when you bought your Halloween candy, it wasn't just your mind playing tricks on you.

Here are the Halloween treats with the highest price increases year over year. The data was provided by Bloomberg.

[Candy] 2021 2022 Increase
Twix $4.95 $7.60 53%
Skittles $3.13 $4.43 41%
Reese’s $5.92 $8.01 35%
Starburst $3.04 $3.95 30%
Kit Kat $4.92 $5.98 21%

Other big-time increases include Snickers, up by 12 percent; M&M’s, also up by 12 percent; and Sour Patch Kids, up by 10 percent. That pretty much covers every candy bar you hoped for as a kid. This gives Milky Way a chance at a revival perhaps.

Rising prices aren't the only thing to worry about when purchasing Halloween candy. There's also something called "shrinkflation." Which, as you may have guessed, is reducing the size of the candy in an effort to keep the price the same. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a tenth of an ounce smaller, and Cadbury Chocolate bars are ten percent smaller.

According to projections, Americans will spend $10.6 billion on Halloween this year.

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