On Friday, Rep. Tim Burchett told Newsmax that “it’s undeniable that there is something out there,” in regards to Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOS).

He told host John Bachman that “it's always interesting to me when this phenomenon occurs. The Navy pilots have seen something that's either one of three things: some sort of diversion… it's somebody from this planet or it's something extraterrestrial.”

Burchett added, “Now, if it's something from this planet, as it was stated that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and [President Joe Biden] were talking about it… and [Biden] was asking the Russians. I mean honestly… Putin as an egomaniac, if they had a UFO he would have landed one on the steps of the White House just to show his superiority."

Newsmax reports:

U.S. intelligence officials in several weeks are scheduled to deliver an unclassified report on UFOs.

Burchett thinks Americans won't be given "all the information,” adding, “they haven't been truthful to us about Roswell, New Mexico in ’47. When the Air Force finally briefed us, I remember the report, I was a young man, but I remember the guy was sort of smirking. You know, more people believe in UFOs than believe in Congress right now.”

The congressman also speculated that “there could be something jamming our radar. If it's some sort of technology one of our enemies is using, but honestly, if they had that technology they would blackmail our… travel industry. Shut it down without it. So, something's going on… and honestly, if you think this is the best God can do is what's here on Earth, you don't hold God in very high regard. You’re very arrogant.

"Actually, I think my buddies were high," Burchett recalled of the time he and his friends saw a UFO. "I don't, I never did drugs, but it was actually… we were looking at a jet taking off and it was the blast out of the back of it. And they were all kind of freaked out and I figured out what it was.”

When asked about the timing of the report, he replied,  “Well, I think it's because they've got so much proof, and they have actually Navy pilots coming out now… you know, during the second World War pilots would spot something and they… called it foo fighters. And they said, ‘oh, maybe the have it.’ Well, they had it. We'd all be sauerkraut now and goose-stepping and you know, because they didn't have that technology. Something clearly is going on. It's undeniable that that is something is out there.”

Rep. Taylor Greene Declares: 'I'm Not Going to Back Down'

Conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green announced that the confrontations with other lawmakers ( such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) have been blown out of proportion.

Newsmax reports:

Greene last Wednesday confronted Ocasio-Cortez after a congressional hearing, asking her why she supported antifa and Black Lives Matter. On Friday, CNN unearthed a video from February 2019….

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Walmart Ditches Mask Mandate for Vaccinated Customers and Staff Only

Good news, Walmart is joining several other stores in stating that the mask mandates are being lifted! However, it's only if you're vaccinated.

My question is, how will they know who is vaccinated and who isn't?  Yikes. We are starting into communist waters...

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White House was Reportedly 'Surprised' at Inflation Jump 

On Friday, the White House admitted that they were surprised at the inflation jump as customer prices rose in March. It is the largest jump since 2008.

“So we hadn’t forecasted that. The forecasters hadn’t expected that,” said White House Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Cecilia Rouse.

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Dr. Fraud Demands Unvaccinated Students ‘Still Wear a Mask’ in School

Supreme ruler Dr. Anthony Fauci is trying to rule again with authority that was never bestowed upon him.

On Friday, Fauci appeared on CNN's "Situation Room," and declared that students who do not get the COVID vaccine should be required to "wear a mask."

Host Wolf Blitzer asked, “You’ve said that elementary school kids, young kids probably won’t get vaccinated until the end of this year. So, should kids still be wearing masks when they go back to school this fall?”

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Sen. Cruz Calls on Biden to Replenish Israel’s Iron Dome Missiles

During his appearance on Fox News Channel, Senator Ted Cruz called on President Joe Biden to replenish Israel's Iron Dome Missiles, which have been used to counteract the numerous missiles being fired into Israel from Hamas terrorists.

Cruz said, “One of the real challenges Israel faces right now is their Iron Dome missiles, the interceptors, are taking out these rockets one after the other after the other. I’ll tell you something….

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Liz Cheney Admits She Voted for Trump in 2020, but 'Regrets' It

On Friday, Rep. Liz Cheney admitted to ABC News anchor Jon Karl that she voted for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. She added that she regrets it through.

Honestly, I am truly shocked to hear that the RINO voted for Trump. As much as she hates Trump and true Conservatives, I would have expected her to sabotage and vote for Biden.

Karl asked, “Did you vote for Donald Trump in 2020?”

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